Woodland House, Newport Road, Magor NP26 3BZ

Appeal Ref: APP/E6840/V/17/3166811

Please note that the Magor Vicarage Public Inquiry is now scheduled to close in the session opening at 10.00am, Friday, 16th March 2018


Call-in Application related to the demolition of Woodland House, Magor, also known as Magor Vicarage

An application has been made by the Welsh Government for listed building consent to demolish Woodland House, known locally as Magor Vicarage.  The application was made to Monmouthshire County Council, who resolved to request that the application be called-in by the Welsh Ministers to be considered as part of the M4 Corridor around Newport scheme. The proposed demolition is inextricably linked with the roads scheme, which is its only justification.  For this reason, the application has now been called-in by the Welsh Ministers.

This application is being administered by the Planning Inspectorate and all queries relating to documents, etc. should be addressed to Mr Rhys Rigby at the Inspectorate’s offices, Crown Buildings, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ  (Tel: 0303 4445951).  

As this separate public inquiry is being conducted within the main inquiry, this section of the website provides information about documents submitted for the inquiry itself and will be updated as necessary.

The first day of the Inquiry was held on 20 June 2017.  It was decided to hold the Inquiry open until the end of the main inquiry in order to receive updates as to the progress on the planned re-location of the listed buildings.  

The Inquiry may resume if necessary and that fact would be announced here and those who took part would also be informed. 

Welsh Government Proofs of Evidence

Mr Mick Rawlings - Cultural Heritage
Mr Richard Green - Bats
Mr Matthew Jones - Chief Witness
Mr John Davies MBE - Planning and Sustainable Development

Other Party Documents

Statement of Case from Monmouthshire County Council

Statement of Common Ground (Welsh Government and Monmouthshire)

NRW letter of 19 June 2017

Inquiry Documents Submitted during Inquiry

ID-19    Woodland House, Magor - Listed Building Consent
ID-56    Bat Mitigation Strategy
ID-77    Heritage Impact Assessment in Wales 
ID-81    Bat Survey Woodland House, Magor
ID-83    Mr Smith Planning Portal Response – Woodland House
ID-85    CADW Listed Statement - Woodland House
ID-166 Proposed Demolition of Woodland House – Welsh Government Update Position - 13/12/17
ID-166a Proposed Demolition of Woodland House – Welsh Government Update Position - 13/12/17 with further correspondence added
ID-204 Woodland House update on potential relocation sites 
ID-204a Woodland House Update (22.03.18)

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