Rebuttals Submitted by the Welsh Government

WG/REB/OBJ0049    Rebuttal to Parc Golf Club

WG/REB/OBJ0077   Rebuttal to Mr A Pickup

WG/REB/OBJ0078   Rebuttal to Llandevenny Residents

WG/REB/OBJ0092    Rebuttal to Dr Catherine Linstrum 

WG/REB/OBJ0099    Rebuttal - OBJ0099 PJ Cromwell   
WG/REB/OBJ0099    Erratum to Rebuttal

WG/REB/OBJ0103    Rebuttal to Bovis Homes

WG/REB/OBJ0125    Friends of the Earth - Gerald Kells

Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales
WG-REB-OBJ0144-1  Rebuttal to Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (Peter Ogden)
WG-REB-OBJ0144-2  Rebuttal to Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (Victor Warren)

WG-REB-OBJ0150 Rebuttal to Magor and Undy Community Council 

WG-REB-OBJ0154 Rebuttal to Laurence Lowe

WG-REB-OBJ0203 - Ann Picton

WG-REB-OBJ0206 - Rogiet Community Council

WG-REB-OBJ0209    Rebuttal to Mr Rabbitt, Daffodil Lodge

WG-REB-OBJ0210 - Rebuttal to Mr & Mrs Smith

WG/REB/OBJ0231    Rebuttal to Mr N S Park

WG/REB/OBJ0233    Rebuttal to Mr S C Phillips

WG/REB/OBJ0235    Rebuttal to Mr L Pritchard - The Beeches

OBJ 247    Cycling UK
WG/REB/OBJ0247-BS - Rebuttal re. Engineering Evidence
WG/REB/OBJ0247-SB - Rebuttal re. Economics Evidence
WG/REB/OBJ0247-MJ - Rebuttal re. Chief Evidence
WG/REB/OBJ0247-JD - Rebuttal re. Planning Evidence
WG/REB/OBJ0247-BW - Rebuttal re. Traffic Evidence
WG/REB/OBJ0247 - BW - Rebuttal re. Traffic Evidence part 2
WG/REB/OBJ0247-PI - Rebuttal re. Environmental Evidence

WG/REB/OBJ0252    Rebuttal to Carole Jacob

Natural Resources Wales
WG-REB-OBJ0268.2  Rebuttal to Elizabeth Halliwell
WG-REB-OBJ0268.4  Rebuttal to Jean Matthews
WG-REB-OBJ0268.5  Rebuttal to Jessica Poole
WG-REB-OBJ0268.6  Rebuttal to Gary Purnell

Gwent WIldlife Trust
WG-REB-OBJ0270.2 - Prof Calvin Jones
WG-REB-OBJ0270.2 – Prof Calvin Jones Addendum
WG-REB-OBJ0270.3 – Prof John Whitelegg
WG-REB-OBJ0270.4 - Prof Kevin Anderson
WG-REB-OBJ0270.4 - Errata to Rebuttal to Prof Kevin Anderson
WG-REB-OBJ0270.5 - Prof Lorrain Whitmarsh
WG-REB-OBJ0270.6 – Prof John Altringham
WG-REB-OBJ0270.6 - Prof John Altringham Addendum
WG-REB-OBJ0270.7 – David Boyce
WG-REB-OBJ0270.8 - Richard Bakere
WG-REB-OBJ0270.11 - Geoff Liles
WG-REB-OBJ0270.11 - Geoff Liles Erratum
WG-REB-OBJ0270.15 – Mike Webb

WG-REB-OBJ-271 Rebuttal to Woodland Trust

WG-REB-OBJ0287 - Mr & Mrs Wynton

WG-REB-OBJ0297 - Gwent Ornithological Society (Keith Roylance)

WG-REB-OBJ0307 Rebuttal to Ellen Law

WG-REB-OBJ0308  Rebuttal to Liberty Steel

WG-REB-OBJ0329 Rebuttal to Marshall's
WG-REB-OBJ0329 - Erratum to Marshall's Rebuttal

WG-REB-OBJ0335 Rebuttal to Tom Chinnick

WG-REB-OBJ0707    Rebuttal to Robert Waller    

WG/REB/OBJ1027    Rebuttal to Welsh Green Party (Pippa Bartolotti)


WG-REB-OBJ1336 to Andrew McDermid

WG/REB/OBJ6903    Rebuttal to Llangattock Community Council

WG/REB/OBJ6901    Rebuttal to OBJ6901 Light Rail Transit Association (Alan Wilkins) 

WG/REB/OBJ6904    Rebuttal to OBJ6904 - Wentlooge Community Council

WG/REB/OBJ6905    Rebuttal to OBJ6905 PACE (Neil Anderson)

WG/REB/OBJ6906    Rebuttal to Jenny Rathbone AM and Steve Howell

WG/REB/OBJ6907  Rebuttal to Cllr Brian Miles

WG/REB/OBJ6908    Rebuttal to John Evans

WG-REB-OBJ6910 - Jane Blank

WG/REB-OBJ6911 - Louise Davies
WG/REB-OBJ6911 - Supplementary Rebuttal to Louise Davies

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