Inquiry Questions and Documents

Inquiry Questions

PIQ-01    Identity of OBJ/106
PIQ-02    Status of SUP/146 and SUP/181
PIQ-03    Clarification of position of Newport City Council
PIQ-04    Changes between TEMPRO 7.1 Interim for Wales and the release of TEMPRO 7.2
PIQ-05    Land Take within Gwent Levels
PIQ-06    Degree of Enhancement of Gwent Levels
PIQ-07    Plan of Junction Numbers
PIQ-08    CIEEM 2008
PIQ-09    Business Community Support Examples
PIQ-10    Comparison between existing and proposed M4
PIQ-11    Supplementary Bat Surveys
PIQ-12    Assessment of safety and accident risks in the Port
PIQ-13    Planning Permission application for two wind turbines at Great House Farm, Undy
PIQ-14    Usk Crossing East Pier.  Otter passage at construction site
PIQ-15    Bats – Table clarification
PIQ-16    Reference to a disused lime kiln used as a bat roost
PIQ-17    Chief Witness Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-18    Traffic Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-19    Engineering Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-20    Noise & Vibration Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-21    Ecology & Nature Conservation Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-22    Ancient Woodland Inventory – Pye Corner
PIQ-23    Lengths of Reens and Ditches
PIQ-24    Docks Way Link: Select Link Analysis
PIQ-25    Landscape Environmental Masterplans (EMPS)
PIQ-26    Flood Consequences Assessment PoE Clarifications
PIQ-27    Tidal Flooding PoE Clarifications
PIQ-28    Land Use, Community and Recreation PoE Clarifications
PIQ-29    Economics PoE Clarifications
PIQ-30    Dormice and Water Voles PoE Clarifications
PIQ-31    Aerial photographs with Scheme outline and Environmental Management Plans
PIQ-32    Liaison with the Port Security Authority
PIQ-33    Design and Construction Issues Relating to Use of Contaminated Materials Within Highway Embankment
PIQ-34    Ann Kenny Questions
PIQ-35    Congestion at the Docks Way Tip Entrance 
PIQ-36    Water Quality Proof of Evidence Clarifications 
PIQ-37    Carbon Proof of Evidence Clarifications
PIQ-38    Construction Proof of Evidence clarifications
PIQ-39    List of Stakeholders in the Docks
PIQ-40    Magor Station  
PIQ-41    Qualifications of those who have given evidence
PIQ-42    Extent and depth of landfill waste within Docks Way landfill
PIQ-43    Orders Definitions 
PIQ-44    Location of redundant benzene pipeline 
PIQ-45    Refuse Tip Location and Depth in relation to CL-15 
PIQ-46    Planning & Sustainable Development Proof of Evidence Clarifications  
PIQ-47    Potential Conflict of M4 J28 Improvement Works on M4CaN Orders    
PIQ-48    Cultural Heritage Proof of Evidence Clarifications    
PIQ-49    Ornithology Proof of Evidence Clarifications   
PIQ-50    Closure of Navigable Waters of Newport Docks during Construction of the Scheme    
PIQ-51     Dormouse presence at Woodview Woodland 
PIQ-52     M4CaN Glan Llyn Junction Employment Allocation Review
PIQ-53     Road Lighting Strategy
PIQ-54    Confirmation of consultations regarding Modifications of Scheme / Line Order   
PIQ-55    Conntractors Share Breakdown    
PIQ-56    Volumes of Contaminated Soils Requiring Off Site Disposal     
PIQ-57    Piling the Usk Viaduct adjacent to the PCB cell    
PIQ-58    Mr Cromwell’s Alternetive
PIQ-59     land acquisition of all properties for M4CAN     
PIQ-60    Rogiet Traffic Levels
PIQ-61    Minimum distances between Junctions 
PIQ-62    Nick Rowson Slide 8
PIQ-63    Water Treatment Area Access North Row
PIQ-64    Docks Site Visit - Ships
PIQ-65    Shipping Cargo Carrying Capacity
PIQ-67    Rushwall Bridleway
PIQ-68    Metro delay effect on BCR
PIQ-69    Reen Cutting
PIQ-70    'Hold the Line' Flood Policy



Inquiry Documents

PID-01    PIM Notes (PIM 1)
PID-02    PIM Notes (PIM 2)
PID-03    Opening Statement – Morag Ellis QC
PID-04    Updated Scheme Context Diagram
PID-05    Extract from Inspector’s Opening Remarks – points of Support/Objection
PID-06    Latest flythrough video 
PID-07    Update of Landowner Table
PID-08    Statement of Confirmation of Statutory Processes
PID-09    Updated Commitments Register
PID-10    Documents submitted following Reen discussion on 15.03.17
PID-11    Update to Engineering Proof of Evidence
PID-12    New Road Infrastructure: the Effects on Firms
PID-13    Summary Brochure - March 2017
PID-14    Transport investment and economic performance: Implication for project appraisal
PID-15    Email From Gwent police re Mortorway Junction 29 to Junction 23     
PID-16    Catherine Linstrum reply to Rebuttal     
PID-17    Objectors Alternatives Public Notice    
PID-18    Level of hardshoulder provision on the existing M4
PID-19    Woodland House, Magor – Listed Building Consent for Demolition Letter from MHW to MH 
PID-20    Supplementary Order for Eastbound Off Slip Road at Magor
PID-21    Objectors' Suggested Alternatives - March 2017
PID-22    Objectors' Suggested Alternatives - Availability of Material and Communication Methods
PID-23    Costings the Inspectors requested from Pippa Bartolotti on the light rail/tram proposal
PID-24    Transport investment and economic performance: Implications for project appraisal
PID-25    Information from CBI as mentioned at Inquiry
PID-26    Gwent Wildlife Trust - Legal Note
PID-27    'The end of the road?' submitted by GWT
PID-28    PACE Transportation Ltd - 'Written Evidence submitted by David Metz'
PID-29    Visit to Newport Docks
PID-30    Green Route Support / Objection Corespondence
PID-31    April 20th 2017 Order List of documents (also see Core Documents: 2.6) 
PID-32    Environmental Master Plan Updates
PID-33    Letter to Ms Howe Commissioner, Future Generations
PID-34    Joint Statement by the M4CaN Environmental NGO Group
PID-35    CPRW Correspondence relating to the Blue Route

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